How Joe's Place is born in Log

At fifty years old I reflected on my life and decided to close my business and to speak...from the social life and relocate to the old family house in the small beautiful Slovenian village Log Pod Mangartom.
After a few exciting motorcycling experiences prior to this venture riding through Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Turkish Kurdistan and Iran I felt it was time to take the big jump toward The Far West...“the Big One”, again by motorcycle from New York to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, the most southern city of the world!
First a prologue through USA and Canada, then again New York concurrently with the celebrations of the WTC tragedy, the official start of the journey. long last heading South. All the countries of Central America were crossed, over the impenetrable Darien Forest by boat from Panama to Colombia, again on the bike from Cartagena through Ecuador, Perù, Chile and Argentina to reach, after 33.000 kms, Ushuaia, on the banks of the Beagle Channel facing Navarino Island, the most northern of the Hornos islands, "only" 1000 kms north of Antarctica.
The question now is how to spend time and keep the wolf from the door...the quiet atmosphere of the small village in the Triglav National Park doing my own job, the experiences gathered during the trips could help, the idea of a new proposal in hostelling trade is growing..."Joe's Place" is born.